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It is rare that you come across an Agency with a team that have worked together for so long, and who have become a family. Our team continues to expand as we come together to serve our customers and our community. We welcome you to reach out to us to ask questions or just to say hello! We are proud of our team here at Catawba Insurance.

Patrick Laney
Crystal Abee
Barbie Laney

Barbara H. Laney
Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Patrick H. Laney, TRA

Crystal R. Abee, CISR Elite
Senior Vice President

of Operations & Client Services

Sara Philyaw

Sara D. Philyaw, CISR Elite
Senior Customer Experience Advocate

Lindsey Brown

Lindsey H. Brown, CISR Elite
Senior Customer Experience Advocate

Anna Hedrick

Anna A. Hedrick
Customer Service Agent

Taylor Laney

Taylor H. Laney, AAI
Vice President 

of Benefits

Cameron Laney Bixby

Cameron Laney Bixby, CISR
Vice President

of Community Relations


Catawba Insurance Agency is ready to assist you with your insurance needs through excellent coverage, competitive rates, and quality service.

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